Thursday, September 8, 2016

One fine day and many days there after

Hey! Are you up for a trip to our friends place?
She thinks for a while and says Sure, why not!
He comes to her place and picks her up.She is excited for the drive and most of all to get to the friends place.

The bike slides in between many cars like wind through the sky. Ride with him would always be thrilling. He used to drive fast since he had good driving skills. They reach their friends place. He is excited to meet everyone he knew. She is excited to meet someone she knew.

To her dismay, the friend is not home. They call, they message but they were unable to get a hold of their friend so they decide to wait.  The clock ticks slowly second by second, time flies by minute by minute, minute turns into hours but no sign of the friend.

Finally towards the end of the day, the friend makes his way to his place. All her excitement is lost by then, she is tired and emotionally drained. Since the friend is there, they spend some time roaming around.

Time to go back to home.

Couple of more trips similar to this, mostly the same place and the same wish. Additional trips kept making their way around, some with sweet some with bitter memories floating around!

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