Sunday, June 18, 2017

Shh....! I want to be in my dreams

I saw your home from far away, my eyes lit up, my heart started pounding.... I slowly made my way towards the door.... I clicked the door bell, a music started to flow in my head. I was so happy it was you who opened the door. We walked slowly towards your room after talking to your family. 

The time that we spent together talking, making fun of each-other, laughing without any reason and finally dancing together; was so surreal. That one moment when you slowly let me lean onto you and put my legs on top of yours while dancing, you whispered in my ears; you said "this has nothing to do with "us"..... just this one time". Your words kept on repeating in my head. I started to feel suffocated, I tried to move but I could not. Suddenly my eyes were wide open and I realized I was not in your house. 

The dream ended, I was wide awake.... 
My heart sank.... my dream seemed as bitter as it could rank.... 
I started to shiver, was my reality going to befriend my fear!!!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Crush or Crushed

She notices his name, a unique name indeed. 
She doesn't know who he is but she wants to know more. 
She approaches him, he is lost in his own world!
She reaches out more, he finally realizes someone is trying to reach out.
He notices her, a strange situation for him now
He reaches out to her with his heart full of friendship goals!
She keeps the friendship crossing off her hope of a relationship role...

He came in her life like a swift breeze of wind
She was used to being calm and keen
He knocked the door, she opened it a little with some doubt
He showered some rays of closeness through the door
Her eyes got dazzled in the zone
She was slowly making herself ready to open the door
He realized it was not the door he longed to open for
She suddenly felt no wind when one of her feet was out and one inside the door
He went on his way towards his desired ray
She started to sway in her own way!

He just saw her picture, that's it, no word no sight
His heart beat was as pure as it could be
She got to know how he wanted to meet,
She was in awe, how could he be so sweet
They met they both stayed, they talked and life rocked.
Life happened, she got lost in a new world
He was somewhere patiently waiting,
She slowly galloped on to a false hope.

She asked him why?!
He always said that's why....
She thought there was some hope
He said it was just her note;
She cried she sighed 
He said it is all because of her oversight!!

He tried, She tried
They both tried!
Something happened...
He went east, she went west.
Both had something which they kept
Life took a turn
Love started a rolling run
East met the west, she and he became their best!!!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

What I see in you.... guess which one is you.....

A warrior is what I see in you. Your life is like a whirlwind of chaotic happenings and I always see you rising from all that chaos. I know you go through a lot and life feels so difficult at times but I have noticed someone up there has always been looking after you and sending you small packages of happiness in many unique ways. Your handwork and compassion will always make my heart grow fond of you.

An intelligent person with a humble personality along with an ability to touch hearts and bring the best out of everyone who comes across you. As cool as a cucumber, always coming up with ways to make the most out of life are some of the many things which I admire about you. No matter how many things are running through your mind and heart, you always find a way to express it and use it as your strength rather than have it drag you down.

The most reliable friend who will always have the best response for you in any crisis and will keep all your secrets without bringing in an ounce of judgment around it. It is you my dear, a rare gem of its own kind. People sense a wall between you and them when they first cross paths with you but once they realize that it's just a protective shield, they all break through it and indulge themselves with all the charm that your company has to offer. 

A precious bundle of joy; love, hope, kindness are some of the rays of light that you shower upon all your family and friends. I have never seen anyone be so positive and hold their head high in the hope of seeing a light at the end of the tunnel as you do! I believe everyone who knows you will always remember you throughout their lives.

The most creative of them all, finding new ways to create something special for all the occasion. Your focus and discipline always motivates me to never stop looking for a better solution. You my dear have a mysterious persona which makes everyone curious to know more about you. 

You my friend have been closest to my heart and unfortunately the furthest in my life at present. Simple thinking simple living is a motto of your life which seems so ordinary yet so enticing. Your carefree nature is a pillar to your foundation as a person and it has always helped you overcome many ups and downs of your life. Family or friends, everyone loves being around you; a charming person with a nice heart.

Stranger is Danger....

At what stage of your life would you feel comfortable being vulnerable to someone new who enters your life? This single question has been a puzzle for me throughout many phases of my life. Meeting someone new and slowly bringing them into your secure zone and trying to get into their secluded zone indeed becomes a challenge! Especially when the person in question is a mysterious person or simply a person who uses web of words to make up for their true feelings or someone who does not seem interested until the trust factor is met; and to make this more interesting, you are not able to put in proper words to express your thoughts either.... a one of a kind of puzzle!!! 

I am in the path of resolving this puzzle in my own way. So tune in for any new updates because once I solve this puzzle you might hear back from me about it..... until then be on your best behavior by being true to yourself...

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

!!!Community - Home Away from Home!!!

Being a human being no matter how much we tend to say it would be nice to be away from a community, we always tend to build a community of our own slowly and steadily. When we are young we are curious, we don't want to be talked about by people surrounding us whether it be our family or our neighbors. So, to quench our thirst of curiosity and our compassion to do things without being analyzed or judged by others, we start exploring different place, culture and people. In simple words, we start living our life in our own terms in a hope of finding a different world. However, in the natural process of growing mature and moving into different phases of our adulthood, we want to settle in one place to bring stability in our lives. 

In my personal life, I have not found that stability yet. I am still curious and am in the journey of finding the right time and place for the community which is going to be my community in which I will be surrounded by my own family and friends. Now now.... I seem to be reeling away from what I want to share with you today. I might share some happenings about my to-be community laterbut today I want to share some of my thoughts and perspective about a Nepalese community that I came across in Des Moines, Iowa. Iowa is one of many states in Midwest which is well known for its acres and acres of farm land and Des Moines is one of its cities which is currently being recognized by people around the country as the most developing and growing city of the nation.

I moved to Des Moines for my work and have been living here since September 2015. Some of my friends had mentioned to me, when I was about to move here, that there is a community of Nepalese people in town but I did not realize that it was a big community until recently. I am impressed by the Nepalese community and all the people who are putting in their best efforts to create a vibe of home away from home. Year after year, people in the community seem to have been coming together to plan for various activities around traditional celebrations, educational workshops, sports related activities as well as volunteer programs. If you are a person who has been around a community of your own, I believe you know how much coordination, planning, budget and passionate people are required to make things happen. I have been following the Nepalese community and their programs through online information which they diligently share and this is enough to make me realize how much passion and togetherness is present amongst the group of people in this foreign land. I can see that the community has brought together a group of people who are willing to be responsible for different aspect of planning, information gathering and sharing with respect to various programs that they involve themselves in. The most recent program in which I got to see many people in the community up close was the Asian Heritage Festival, which was held at a downtown location. 

Nepalese flag outside the booth, aroma of Mo:Mo's luring everyone towards the food stall, colorful traditional Nepalese attire being flaunted by people of different ages for the cultural fashion show; this and many more little details in and around the booth made me nostalgic in that moment. One thing that I have noticed in US is that Mo:Mo is one focal point which brings Nepalese people together as everyone pitches in and enjoys the labor of their work; piping hot steamed yummy goodness. I could see the same compassion among people preparing Mo:Mo and other food items for the festival. Various traditional attire which were represented in the fashion show were so much meaningful to the multi-cultural aspect that is rooted in our country. By now you must have guessed that I was impressed by the people, food, ambiance and skills to represent our Country to the local people for this festival. This does not end here....because, in addition I was also able to witness talented bunch of dancers from different age groups who could capture everyone's attention with their beautiful dance moves around folk and modern Nepali songs. Little kids with traditional clothes on them were so eye catching; beautiful group of girls out of which some were adorned with traditional dresses and ornaments and others were elegantly dressed up in the modern attire was a mesmerizing sight. Each group had their own charm and were looking so cute, elegant, beautiful and humble all at the same time. This indeed was a priceless moment for me personally being one of the people in the crowd cheering along with many other Nepalese and foreign spectators. By now if you are thinking that nothing more could make my experience magical, then let me stop you right here and let you know that there was one last magical touch to the ending of this beautiful experience. This program not only allowed community from different places of the world to come together and share their culture but the alliance also rewarded them for their hard work and passion in representing their heritage. Now can you guess who won the first prize of representing their culture and country in the program? Well...... it was......... Nepalese Community of Des Moines, Iowa! Indeed, a cherry on top of the cake moment, right?!

Being a Nepali and observing a Nepalese Community through an eye of a newbie passing through the place, I was humbled by this experience, so, I could not resist sharing my insight with you all. I hope that the community in this place will keep on growing and will maintain our cultural aspect as well as provide various platform to many more upcoming generation of Nepalese in this small yet beautiful place.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

One fine day and many days there after

Hey! Are you up for a trip to our friends place?
She thinks for a while and says Sure, why not!
He comes to her place and picks her up.She is excited for the drive and most of all to get to the friends place.

The bike slides in between many cars like wind through the sky. Ride with him would always be thrilling. He used to drive fast since he had good driving skills. They reach their friends place. He is excited to meet everyone he knew. She is excited to meet someone she knew.

To her dismay, the friend is not home. They call, they message but they were unable to get a hold of their friend so they decide to wait.  The clock ticks slowly second by second, time flies by minute by minute, minute turns into hours but no sign of the friend.

Finally towards the end of the day, the friend makes his way to his place. All her excitement is lost by then, she is tired and emotionally drained. Since the friend is there, they spend some time roaming around.

Time to go back to home.

Couple of more trips similar to this, mostly the same place and the same wish. Additional trips kept making their way around, some with sweet some with bitter memories floating around!